Research and Report

The 2023 Comcast Advertising Report: Actionable Insights for the Modern Multiscreen TV Advertiser

The 2023 Comcast Advertising Report was designed to help simplify the complexity that buyers and sellers are facing today as TV viewing continues to shift.

This second annual report analyzes data insights from across Comcast Advertising, including FreeWheel, our advertising technology platform, and Effectv, our advertising sales division, to offer a unique perspective into how viewers are viewing, how buyers are buying, and how sellers are selling TV advertising on all screens.

The report offers a look at the TV advertising industry from all sides – and delivers actionable advice and predictions for modern advertisers about how to optimize reach, optimize connection, and optimize results.

“In our industry, the only constant is change. But with the right insights—you can be ready for what’s next,” said James Rooke, President, Comcast Advertising.
Download The 2023 Comcast Advertising Report, below.