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5 Advertising Musts for 2023, According to Marketing Leaders

The most important thing for marketers in the coming year will be how audiences feel about their brand. That means understanding your customers and what drives their connection with you, and then enhancing that connection to grow both your brand and your business. For the world’s leading marketers, here are their five ‘must-do’ items for the year ahead:

1. Recognize the increasingly important role of video
2. Make the most of the data mix, utilizing both first- and third-party data
3. Overcome the challenges of a fragmented viewing audience
4. Understand how the consumption of advertising has evolved
5. Value a ‘one viewer’ solution

For Comcast Advertising’s Dave Pajeau, executive director of programmatic/advanced TV for Effectv, video advertising will only continue to get more fragmented as more providers come in. For him, the key will be to integrate the traditional and streaming experiences, enabling measurement and targeting against the two together.

“There’s a tremendous amount of viewership that still exists through traditional linear channels, and that now co-exists with new viewership through streaming platforms,” he said. “They work best together, but you have to know the right allocation for your brand and audience. So in 2023 we’ll start moving towards true cross-screen delivery, audience delivery and measurement.”

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