Research and Report

Introducing The Comcast Advertising Report

The new Comcast Advertising Report is designed to provide modern advertisers with insights, data and predictions to help them succeed in TV advertising’s complex ecosystem.

This unique report relies on U.S. data over the past year based on over 20,000 cross-screen campaigns from Effectv, and platform insights from FreeWheel, which works with nearly 90% of the premium video ecosystem.

With this report, you’ll see the TV advertising industry from all perspectives – including how viewers are viewing, how buyers are buying, and how sellers are selling. Using those distinctive viewpoints, it provides actionable advice to advertisers around how to approach TV advertising in all of its formats, including a proven formula for balancing TV and streaming advertising in 2022.

“There is still a lot to learn and to uncover among viewers, buyers, and sellers as the industry continues to shift,” said Marcien Jenckes, Managing Director, Comcast Advertising. “But by arming themselves with actionable insights — and taking the extra time to consider the industry from all perspectives — brand advertisers will be ready for what’s next.”

Download The Comcast Advertising Report to see TV advertising from a new perspective.